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If you google ‘escort’ most of the links will lead you to a horror story from someone who was or booked time with a prostitute and it did not end well, this would be enough to put anyone off, however when I looked into becoming an escort to help pay the bills whilst studying my experience could not have been more different!

Whilst completing my degree in Cambridge, UK I found myself like most other students, flat broke! I had tried to get a regular job that I could attend alongside my studies but found it very difficult in town full of thousands of other students all vying for the same job! After a few unsuccessful interviews, trial shifts, which was code for many of the local restaurants to get a night or two of free labour from the students as they would not hire them afterwards! A friend told me of her experience signing up an escort agency the year prior.

At first I laughed it off, I thought she was joking however the more she told me about the experiences she had had the more appealing it became. I could not believe how much money she was making for just a few hours a week and her studies were not suffering at all! It all sounded to good to be true, but she gave me the details of the agency she was working with and told me to give them a call!

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I admit it was a few weeks before I got up the nerve to contact them, I had a snoop on their website and at the other girls. One of the first things that struck me was just how professional the website was, it was not the sleazy site like I had imagined but instead well made, showing off the girls and the services in a very respectful manner.

One day I took the plunge and set up a meeting with one of the employees at the agency, prior to the meeting I had to send a selfie and some personal details to them like my weight, height and measurements, at this point I was a little worried that I would not match up to the stunning girls on the site but I was swiftly reassured!

London escort Chanel smiling and waiting for upscale customers

I met with a lady from the agency in a local café where we chatted through the ins and out, meeting a lady who herself had worked as an escort put all my fears to rest and she showed me the information for a few clients who had expressed interest in a date with a lady of my figure, age, colouring and the rest is history!

I worked with the agency for a year before I moved away from Cambridge, but do not regret a moment of it, I met many lovely gentlemen who were just predominantly lonely and looking for a little human connection and no strings attached fun! If you are looking to try escorting I could not recommend using an agency enough.

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