5 Reasons To Book A Companion

20 June 2018

Today, we don’t have the fear of worrying that we don’t have a clue about what any of the pipes under the sink means, or how to get a virus off our computer, because chances are, there's a service provider out there that can help you with anything you need so you don’t really have to even lift a finger. Except for when you pay.

Whenever you pay for a service, it’ll be a professional and an expert providing that service for you to ensure you get the best quality, at least that's what we want. Our own personal needs aren’t much different from when your laptop needs a bit of maintenance, or your garden needs a bit of TLC, so why neglect them? At Boss Escorts, we have the highest tier professionals ready and available for you to book.

You can book an escort for any occasion, whether it be for leisure or for a professional setting and today we’re going to go through a few of the common reasons clients book escorts. Maybe once escorting felt like a taboo subject, but any negative connotations associated within society in relation to escorting, are fading as the industry is becoming increasingly more popular and people are beginning to be open-minded and understanding about the companionship industry.


So, for the first on our list, we have events. This is one of the most common reasons why someone would book an escort. A lot of clients that book with us have careers and jobs that demand a lot of socials and functions, which is slotted in with an already hectic schedule of meetings, paperwork, etc. The busy every-day professional may not necessarily have the time to go out and meet people in order to have a date for all of these functions, which is where our services come to the rescue!

We have many beautiful escorts for our clients to choose from to accompany them to any type of event, to help you feel at ease regardless of the functions you attend, help you break the ice with colleagues if you’re more of a reserved type, or to just simply make you and your hot date the talk of the night. Our escorts are always professional and discretion is something that they excel at so your date is just a date without any suspicion that you’re paying for a service.


Fetishes aren’t something that is uncommon, plenty of people have certain fetishes and things that they want to experiment with or try out in the bedroom. Some people may not have been able to experience certain personal fetishes such as a foot fetish escort for example. Our escorts provide these services for you to ensure that you feel comfortable and at ease so you’re able to experience and live out your dream fantasies.

These fantasies may not necessarily be about anything, clients may have a certain type of look that they are attracted to such as blondes and here at Boss Escorts we want to make sure we please and give you plenty of choice.

The Girlfriend Experience

The girlfriend experience is one of the most common reasons that clients choose to book an escort. This service is more of a personal and intimate experience for those clients who are just after a companion who will show you nothing but warmth and attention. Any of our wonderful girls that you book for a girlfriend experience will be sweet, kind and gentle towards you.

This experience is mostly to just intimately spend time with a beautiful woman and to feel a little bit of tender, loving care. This usually consists of either booking an out-call or an in-call booking which means she will either come to you at your chosen location or you will go to her. The in-calls, where you meet her, are generally cheaper by around £50 as they don't require her to do any travelling.


Sometimes a few of our clients may have been out of the experience of someone else's touch for a little while. Whether it’s having come out of a long-term relationship, or maybe not having been in one at all. Our escorts are perfect for practising for when you want to really get personal with someone as they enable you to be able to explore and find your comfort zone.

They will help you to break out of your shell and give you the confidence that you have maybe been missing when approaching women in the past. They’ll pay attention to you and walk you through the aspects of companionship that you’re struggling with so that you can take everything at your own pace.

Dinner Date

Lastly, one of the reasons clients book escorts is to simply just go out for a meal. Enjoying delicious food is always way better when you have the best company with you. To have one of our beautiful ladies to conversate with over some delicious food and a glass of wine is definitely the icing on the cake. If you want a gorgeous woman having all of her attention on you, who is booked to please you and to give you the best experience, then we have a great selection for you.

As part of the service, the client can also request the escort to wear something specific so that everything is fully catered to you so you’re spoiled! A dinner date escort is a perfect opportunity to simply just conversate, get to know someone, and just to have a nice relaxing evening and for that bit of companionship.

So there are some of the more common reasons people choose to book escorts. Whatever your need is, there are escorts available today for you to book to give you that perfect companionship and to make any experience more enjoyable.