5 Ways To Prepare For Your Booking

09 May 2018

Whether you are booking an escort for the first time or you are experienced in booking escorts, there may be some things you don't know when it comes to properly preparing for your bookings. So, here at Boss London Escorts we thought we could compile a small list of things to do before your booking that will help the whole experience run smoother for both you and her.

So in no particular order, let's start with the first thing you should do when booking an escort which is:

Cleanliness Is A Virtue

Cleanliness is important in general life, everyone should aim to stay as clean as possible. When you are booking an escort or even expecting to be intimate with anyone its imperative you stay on top of your hygiene. Having a shower before you're booking is a good place to start. When you have a shower make sure you scrub and clean your body properly and because you may be getting intimate with someone, make sure your body smells nice.

As well as cleaning your body, fix your hair neater and make sure to brush your teeth and use mouthwash to make sure your minty fresh. It's possible when your booking arrives, to make sure you're absolutely clean she will ask you to take another shower. Don't be offended by this, instead be tactful of her request and proceed with another shower as this will give her peace of mind.

As well as being tactful of her requests be tactful of her in general. She may need to use the bathroom and wash herself after so make sure your environment is as clean as you, this includes the room you plan to spend time with her in. Leave out fresh towels and if you can get some female body washes and fragrances for her to comfortably use.

Make Her Feel Comfortable

When your gorgeous escort arrives your job is to make her feel as comfortable as possible. Don't pounce on her, she's clearly the most stunning woman you've seen, but try to refrain from any pouncing, especially before a payment is made.

If you want the best experience and want your escort to please you first you have to make sure she's comfortable enough in her environment to do so. You can achieve this by offering her a glass of water when she arrives or any drink she's comfortable to have.

You can also offer her a quick tour of your place so she can be absolutely sure you guys are alone and there's no one secretly watching her or filming her. Once she knows she's in a comfortable setting she will be more eager to please.

Pay Promptly

When you make a booking you are verbally agreeing to everything that's been discussed which includes services and prices. The prices of companionship is usually written on their profile or discussed over the phone so never try to underpay your booking, pay the amount agreed and if you want you can pay a little extra as a tip, although this is usually given at the end of the booking to display satisfaction. Never haggle with the price when you meet your gorgeous date as this is frowned upon and could even get you your booking cancelled.

The nature of escorting requires a level of discretion and payment is no exception. When it's time to pay your beautiful woman which is usually on arrival, never hand her a large amount of cash. The payment method has to be as sophisticated as your date, so place her money in a small envelope and leave it somewhere for her to find, either on the bathroom sink or a cabinet. Once payment is confirmed you can proceed.

Let Her Check In

If your booking is of an outcall nature and you are either operating from your residential home or a hotel, it's important to understand the person you hire is coming to you and more often than not, will want someone to know where she is so don't be offended if your enticing escort gets her phone out when she first meets you or just before you begin anything as it's likely she is either checking in with friends or family or checking in with her agency to make sure the booking has been confirmed and that she's safe.

So there we have it, a short list of four things to expect when making a booking. Be tactful, respectful, mindful and most of all, remember to have fun!