Classic Role-Play

24 May 2018

Role-play is an entire huge market. People love to dress up in different costumes representing different characters and roles in society. Sometimes costume play or role-play is just for fun and escapism other times it can make it into the bedroom. Role-play in the bedroom can consist of one or both partners dressing up to live out a sexual fantasy one or both partners desires. Sometimes this is uniform costumes like a police officer and other times it's fictional characters like Star Wars' Princess Leia.

Either way, we thought it would be quite fun to go through a short list of some of the most popular and classic role-play costumes for the bedroom. Some of these costumes and roles are things many men fantasise about and this could help increase your clientele if you introduced role-play as a service and more specifically, what role-play you provide. Some clients may be looking for a dominant officer or naughty nurse and you can help them fulfil that fantasy and make it a reality. With this service, you may even find your return clientele increases because of this new service you now provide.

So let's get into the first costume on our list which is incredibly evident:


The nurse has been a long time classic of male fantasies. The overly enticing nurse with the tight outfit which is usually available in white red or blue is a fantasy many males wish they could live out. The costume is easy enough to find thanks to its popularity and comes in a range of designs from very skimpy almost lingerie-esque inspired nurse outfits to more realistic hospital uniforms. Some of these outfits come with props such as an old-fashioned nurses hat or a stethoscope.

Either way, you can be sure you're going to look like a knock out in this uniform and you're clients will definitely be impressed, they may pretend to be a little sick, but they will definitely be impressed. You can pretend here to be an overly caring and attentive nurse, something I'm sure your clients won't mind.

Police Woman

If you're feeling particularly dominant or your client wants you to be you can try a police officers uniform. Again the popularity of this costume makes it quite easy to find and the costume comes in a range of designs from shirts and skirts, to suits, to full body costumes. Police officer costumes usually come with a range of fun props such as a badge to display your authority, a hat to show who you are and a police stick in case your client gets out of line. Also, and fun for the bedroom, police uniforms usually come with a set of prop handcuffs which can be kinkily used in the bedroom, just make sure to keep the keys somewhere near you.

The role-play with this costume can be a switch of control as you can be a dominating officer arresting your client or you could hand the control over to him and have him be a crook who gets the best of you. Either way the police officers uniform is one of the more fun role-plays on this list.

French Maid

Although not a native uniform to our country the French Maid uniform is universally a sexy outfit and seen as quite 'naughty' thanks to its overexposure as a naughty uniform in general popular culture. The french maid outfit today is seen more as an aphrodisiac apposed to actual working attire. The uniform can be found easily and usually consists of a black shirt and skirt with a white apron around the waist. Sometimes the costumes come with a fun little feather duster for added appeal.

The French Maid is a fun costume to try and the roleplay is about completely submitting to your employer (client) and be the naughty maid he imagines you to be.


The cat-woman is a costume thats quite hard to go wrong in. The all black skin-tight costume will compliment your curves perfectly and have you looking so good your client might be the one to meow. Whether you are a general cat or a fictional character who dons a cat costume you can be as playful as you want. Cat costumes are very common and come in a range of materials such as silk, lycra and leather. Some cat costumes will come with props such as small gloves to replicate paws or cute little cat ears and a tail.

The role of this again is similar to the nurse, to be overly attentive and caring and to stroke your client's ego while he strokes you.

Playboy Bunny

The Playboy bunny. Do we really need to explain the Playboy bunny? No? Well, we're going to anyway. The Playboy bunny is now an iconic costume thanks to its exposure through Playboys models called 'Playmates' and thanks to the Playboy clubs requiring all female members of staff to wear the bunny attire. The bunny's head is also the logo for the Adult conglomerate and since the 1950's men have fantasised about one of those beautiful Playboy Bunnies hopping his way. You can make that fantasy a reality with a little bunny costume which usually consists of a corset, stockings with a little bunny tail on the back and a set of prop bunny ears. The costume is sleek and classy while also looking incredibly sexy and enticing.

The role play here is to be the very playmate your client has probably fantasised about on multiple occasions, and the costume will definitely compliment your best physical features.

So there we have it. A short list of classic role-play costumes for you to try with your clients. Providing more services like this can definitely help you boost your bookings and increase both your general clientele and your repeat clientele so make sure what you wear your comfortable in, and most of all, have fun!