Cutting Out Awkwardness From Your Date

02 July 2018

We all hate an awkward silence. That's why we refer to them as awkward. Sometimes moments are awkward because of something that happens or because of something someone has said. Other times situations are awkward for the exact opposite reason such as someone not saying or doing anything at all. Whenever one of us is confronted with this deafening silence we usually tend to try and break it but this to be fair, is easier said than done.

Tips For Avoiding Those Crushing Silences 

Meeting people for the first time can be one of these awkward moments simply just because you haven't met this person before and some of us find our minds tend to go blank the minute we really need to think of something to say. Whenever you meet one of our gorgeous London escorts you may find yourself not saying anything, this will be mostly due to your jaw hitting the ground when you see her but if you do experience an awkward moment with one of your gorgeous bookings, what do you do? What do you say?

Here at Boss Escorts we could take you through a short-list today of great starter topics to get a conversation going and get you conversing in all your confidence with her so without further ado let's talk about a few great topics to kick-start the conversation. Let's start with something everyone loves to indulge in:

Picture This

Whether you're a movie buff or a casual viewer we all love to indulge in Hollywood's madness every now and then. From horror to action, to thriller and everything in between, movies today are as popular as ever and look better than they ever have. You can be pretty sure almost anyone you speak to in this day in age likes some genre of film, a franchise or at the very least, just a few films that they enjoy.

Movies are great conversation starters as there's plenty of topics to cover from current movies to trips down memory lane, actors and actresses and all the up-coming gems Hollywood has planned for us. You may even find you're bomb-shell booking has the same taste in films as you and you can book her next time for a cinema date where you both get lost in a genre you love.

Food For Thought

One thing you can definitely be sure of is everyone you meet, eats. I mean, even if we don't want to we have to eventually right? People love to talk about the food they love to eat and this could be a great way to start a conversation,

It's also a great way to let her know you're taking an interest in who she is and what she likes and finding out what types of desserts, chocolates and snacks she likes can help you figure out your next dinner date or even a great little gift to present her with. Either way, the conversation of food is a great way to bond and find out a little about each other while simultaneously breaking the ice.

Sax and the City

It is said that the language of music is universal. Almost everyone you meet listens to some form of music that they enjoy. Whether this is popular music played on the radio and more widely known to the masses or whether its something more underground or personal to them, we all enjoy a few love notes in our lives.

Talking about music is a great way to bond, similar to films as you may find you enjoy the same music, or on the other hand, you can introduce each other to songs you both enjoy and find yourself experiencing new things in life. Music is the most consumed product in the world so you can bet if you start a conversation based around this subject, you're sure to break any ice freezing your vibe.

So there have it, just a few great ways in which you can break the ice with your gorgeous booking to ensure everything during your booking, including the conversation goes smoothly. If you still need decided on the right escort for you check out our London escorts gallery. Good luck!