Little Known Facts About The Industry

28 June 2017

There are many common misconceptions concerning the escort industry in London. To get your facts straight read on…

The Escort Definition

Whilst many people assume that they know what an escort is and does, usually the assumptions are completely wrong. Technically an ‘escort’ is a person who accompanies someone as a temporary companion. Selling one’s time is completely legal. How you choose to spend your time together, as two consenting adults, is entirely up to you.

Pleasure Is Mutual

Boss London Escorts are freelance career girls who like to have fun and meet new people. They earn their money in exchange for the time that they spend in your company. What you do together in that time should always be mutually agreeable and pleasurable for both of you. Do not expect your chosen Boss London escort to go along with a suggestion that doesn’t feel comfortable for her. As a self-employed career girl, a Boss London escort has complete control over whether she chooses to spend time with you.

Double Lives

In the same way that you want to keep your Boss London Escorts appointment booking private and confidential, your escort also has her own personal reasons for living a double life. Many top London escorts have other careers that do not welcome this type of moonlighting. Respecting your escort’s privacy is important if you want to make sure that you make an easy connection that is mutually pleasurable. Escorts love to meet new people and enjoy the work that they do. Most girls feel that they offer an important service to men who want companionship.

Varied Clientele

Whilst it’s true that many men who have plenty of cash in the bank regularly book appointments with exclusive Boss London Escorts in London, most escorts have a varied clientele. Men from all walks of life and income brackets book escort appointments in London, on a casual or regular weekly basis. Escorts make the ideal companion for lavish business functions and social events. Single men who don’t have available female friends to accompany them can simply book an appointment with a stunning escort instead.

Unusual Behaviour

Top escorts in London often have to deal with strange or weird requests. To avoid disappointment it’s worth remembering that Boss London Escorts do not have to offer everything that you ask for, simply because you are paying for their time. Respecting personal boundaries ensures that you experience a pleasurable and unforgettable time, whatever your particular kink happens to be.

Intellectual Qualifications

Many of the beautiful girls who choose a secondary income option, working as Boss London Escorts, are bilingual, have advanced education levels and are well travelled. Don’t assume that a sexy confident woman doesn’t have the brains to match her beauty!

Financial Transactions

Boss London Escorts are self-employed career girls who exchange their valuable time for money. In order to advertise their social availability on a top London escort website they pay a commission to the company. Administration charges are also included.