Our Escorts Love To Get To Know You

29 November 2017

Despite general knowledge proclaiming that most escorts cannot speak English, nothing can be further from the truth. Our hot escorts either speak cut-glass English, fluent English or they learn the language incredibly fast. The best thing about the latter is that you get to listen to a songbird deliver her words with an exotic edge; we are all for a hot accent!

Escorts Are Happy To Talk

The truth is that an escort loves great conversation and companionship, especially in the presence of a discerning gentleman. With the most impressive escorts around, Boss Escorts you can expect a great deal of effort when it comes to appearance, the lingerie she purchases, as well as the subjects she chooses to improve herself upon. The escort may have bought everything in La Perla so she decides to see a specialist lingerie tailor for a beautiful bespoke set. She may well have grown tired of the bergamot and rose perfume she wears and decides to commission a top perfumer from Mayfair or Soho to create a scent that matches her personality and physiognomical features. Being a beautiful woman - even naturally - takes time and effort, and our escorts truly appreciate a client who compliments her style, mannerism and even her choice of nail colour.

Set The Right Mood

The environment is just as important as the date where luxury hotel suites, intimate cocktail bars and even plush restaurants are among the top choices for escorts when meeting a client. Rest assured, our escorts won't mind if you don't drink alcohol, or whether you prefer meeting in an outdoor lounge so that you can puff on the El Rico Habano cigar that you've been craving all week! Luxury and convenience are two words an escort is very friendly with; convenience being that most these incredible escorts live in the comfort of a safe and a highly exclusive neighbourhood. The most important thing is that an escort feels comfortable with you, and thus, going overboard in accommodating you the second time around.

The best way to start getting to know each other - if you enjoy free-flowing conversation - is to offer your date a drink when she walks in. If she doesn't drink alcohol, offer her a non-alcoholic cocktail - something sweet ideally! The second thing is to pay the escort a compliment so that she knows you are happy. 
There is never a need for things to get too personal with companions- keep the conversation light and flirtatious whilst maintaining eye-contact. Before you know it, the escort will find you irresistible and who knows where the night will wander!

Book Yourself A Hot Date For Tonight!

If you're interested in finding out more feel free to head over to our gallery page where you'll find our full range of ladies, each of which comes with all the information you'll need before deciding on the right companion for you. Once decided, feel free to give us a call on 07468465140 or head over to bookings page. As soon as we hear from you we'll get you booked in, after which all you have to worry about is the amazing experience that awaits.