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The call girl works in the profession that is apparently the oldest in the world but has always been surrounded with mystique and secrecy. Nowadays people are more open but there still remain myths surrounding escorts that need to be busted!

People confuse call girls with escorts and think both perform the same function, but the truth is that escorts, especially the girls here at Boss Escorts are both smart and beautiful and very much the kind of lady you would be proud to have on your arm.  

Men who use escort services are losers who can’t find a woman.

Wrong!  Some of the highest paid escorts confirm that some of their most frequent clients are intelligent and successful men very much capable of finding a woman for themselves.  Many simply want an uncomplicated outlet where they can be themselves and enjoy the company of a beautiful woman without complications. 

Myth 1 - Escorts are easy

If you met an escort in the course of your daily life and did not know what they did, we know that you would not mark our Boss Escort's girls down as being ‘easy.’ They are no different to your sisters, wives and daughters but rather they are women who enjoy meeting interesting people, travelling, setting their own hours and being the object of desire and affection of their clients.

Myth 2 - Being an escort is degrading

An escort is really just a businesswoman without the 9-5.   For those ladies with perfect figures that they work hard to maintain, and have the whole package that appeals to men then the sky is the limit.  If they know how to find out what their fantasies are and are intelligent and look good on the arm of a man when he is in public, then they will be esteemed for what they do well.

Myth 3 - Women who work as escorts are drug addicts

This idea perhaps comes from what people see in the movies and read about in books, where an escort is often portrayed as drunken drug addicts. The companions available here at Boss Escorts are professional women who take a pride in what they do and how they look. They look after themselves and are no more likely to abuse alcohol or drugs than anyone else is.  

Myth 4 - Escort services are based only on selling sex

We are not saying that there will not be intimate and passionate moments between you and your escort, of course, there will be!  But this is not the only thing that escorting is about.  Being an appropriate companion and looking good at any occasion they are taken to is important too.

Myth 5 - Escort girls don’t kiss on the mouth

This myth is another misconception taken from movie portrayals. In fact, we will offer the most unbelievable intimate moments, kissing not only the mouth but on all parts of the body.

We hope that this article has busted a few myths for you and that we will be hearing from you very soon at Boss Escorts.