Booking An Escort: The Unwritten Rules

28 June 2017

When it comes to booking appointments with exclusive Boss London Escorts there is a right and a wrong way to do it. Booking online is quick and easy to do. There may be times however, when you have a specific personal request or need an answer to a question that is not provided on the website. You may simply want some idea of how to conduct your initial escort meeting.

Our helpful tips will help you navigate your way to an enjoyable experience.

Do Your Homework

As with any other type of service that you may book, it’s important to check the details on the Boss London Escorts website, before committing to booking your appointment. Take your time browsing the alluring profiles and options available. You’ll easily be able to see which hot girls are available today. You can choose your perfect date by selecting the ideal location, type and price. Once you know what you want, simply fill in the Reservation Form to secure your booking. If you have any specific or special requirements, remember to include the details.

Outcall Appointments

When you book a Boss London Escorts outcall appointment, your chosen escort will come to you. She can visit your home or apartment, or meet you at a hotel location that has been arranged by you. Always make sure that the room is clean and tidy so that your guest feels comfortable and relaxed. It’s polite to offer refreshments, and absolutely essential that you are well groomed.

Incall Appointments

Incall Boss London Escorts appointments are conducted in a private apartment, and require you to travel to the location. It’s important that you keep the address of the venue private, and that you don’t share it with anyone else. You are visiting your chosen escort in her home and should therefore be respectful of her space. By all means make yourself at home, but don’t get too comfortable. Now that you have the address, DO NOT EVER turn up on her doorstep without making a prior booking appointment.

Tipping & Gifts

A tip is a gratuity that is paid above and beyond the agreed fee, in order to show your appreciation. Many clients like to give their escort companion a tip or a gift that matches their level of service satisfaction. If you feel that your experience was beyond your expectations it’s perfectly acceptable to leave a tip. If you are gifting money, the amount is entirely up to you. Gifts such as exclusive perfumes, designer jewellery, bouquets of flowers, and expensive trinkets are always welcome.

Escort Reviews

If you’ve enjoyed the Boss London Escorts experience and wish to thank your escort companion you can do so via an online review. Each escort profile features a Review box at the bottom of the page. Your review can help the escort to build her professional reputation, and also encourage casual online browsers to take the plunge and book up an appointment. If your experience was less than you expected, please let us know via direct phone or email contact.