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Height:5ft 6in


Time Incall Outcall
1 Hour £0 £100
Additional Hour £0 £100
Dinner Date £0 £400
Overnight £0 £800



Mia makes looking gorgeous appear easy. But that’s just not the case. Her languid and easy-going manner actually belies the effort she puts in looking this amazing. Look at those long brown-blonde glossy tumbling curls for instance and that slender, perfect body which has been honed at the gym. No Mia believes in providing a first-class service for her clients and that means taking care of herself in order to look the best she possibly can for then. And boy, does she do it well.

An Italian temptress with a passion for couture

As well as working out on a regular basis and looking after her lovely long tresses, this little Italian lady is also a fan of pedicures, waxing and all-over tans. She also believes in dressing well. A big fan of international couture – especially Versace and Donna Karan - there’s no quick High Street clothes shopping for Mia; no, she prefers to spend whole afternoons browsing through designer garments. She’s a huge fan of lovely lingerie so don’t be surprised if she happens to be wearing a little something that you’ve just seen some Hollywood star photographed in on the pages of a glossy magazine or newspaper supplement. Well, why shouldn’t this lovely lady treat herself now and again, after all?

Unless you happen to be an Italian native, you will no doubt be pleased to hear that the mouth-wateringly delicious Mia speaks excellent English (and – even better - that’s with a sexy Italian accent, of course). Aged 26 she has travelled across Europe in her time but is now happily settled in London for the time being she tells us here at Boss London Escorts. And we’ve no reason to disbelieve her. If you would like this gorgeous gal to turn up pronto at your place then do get in touch.