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Pouting Pauline is passionate enough to get any red-blooded male hot under the collar with just one glance. There is a certain air of nonchalance and, at the same time, exoticism that this lovely lady exudes and which makes her entrance into any room absolutely impossible to ignore. Where does it come from this power of the enchantress? We have tried to figure it out ourselves here at Boss London Escorts and come up with various explanations.

A passionate lady who lives up to her Latin blood

One thing we decided was that it’s not her looks or her clothing – although these are mighty impressive in themselves (and more on which later). But no, it’s definitely her haughty stare and the way she carries herself that has something to do with it. That, and probably the fact that, in terms of her pheromones (ie sex chemicals), we are talking not simply strong, but weight-watcher equivalent.

And as for the impossibly gorgeous girl’s looks... long, glossy raven black hair, huge brown eyes, a large 36D bust and beautiful nut brown skin, 25-year-old Pauline is certainly a sight for sore eyes. She is a mere size eight dress size meaning she looks fantastic in anything really but her favourite garments to wear are miniskirts, glittering strappy dresses, tailored trouser suits or simply silk or satin lingerie (of which she has an astounding collection).

In case you are wondering whether or not the pretty Pauline lives up to the promise of her pheromones then, can we just tell you that.... she’s Italian?! A nation known for its lovers and romantic liaisons, Pauline grew up in a country which embraced the eroticism of food and places a high value on beauty, particularly that of the flesh. Why not have her over and check out that philosophy on life for yourself?



She is gorgeous! Had so much fun! Great service!
Nate - 14.07.15
She is out of this world! I went to her place, this time, it was amazing!
Yen - 12.08.15
Went to her place for a few drinks, I had so much fun! Need to do it again soon!
Danny - 20.10.15

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