Crissy's profile

Crissy A gorgeous girl who comes very highly educated, the curvaceous Crissy may look a bit dull when she puts on those thick-rimmed glasses of hers, but think of her more as a saucy secretary than a boring bookworm. Certainly when she was at school she was less the school swot and more the St Trinian’s naughty type. Yep, Crissy learned all about fun and pranks in the school common room and she’s still carrying them out – although they tend to have more of an adult take these days. A cute girl with a rip-roaring sense of fun With an above average height of 5ft 9” and lovely long lithe legs to match, Crissy will always stand out from the crowd and with her long dark glossy hair and lovely brown eyes you have to admit she is literally head and shoulders above her contemporaries. Then there is her nimble size 10 figure and her very ample curvaceous size 34D bust. Crissy is in fact, 24, and arrived on London’s streets of gold a couple of years ago having travelled all the way from Eastern Europe. A girl with a determined streak, we found here at Boss London Escorts that cool Crissy has a way of getting exactly what she wants – and without too much trouble either. Effortlessly charming and angelic in appearance at times, she is hard to say ‘no’ to. Crissy’s clients tend to be very much of the affluent variety and she loves being wined and dined. Having said that she enjoys meeting up with men and women from all walks of life, she tells us. And certainly, she is very open-minded when it comes to attending to her client’s desires. She is happy to meet with clients at an arranged venue – whether initially public or private right from the start.