Roberta's profile

Age: 24
Dress size8
Main location Park Royal
This girl listed in Brunette + Busty + European
Duration Incall Outcall
1 hour: £100
Dinner: £400
Overnight: £800
Roberta Raunchy with a capital R is pretty much how we would describe Roberta. This high-flying and ambitious 24-year-old is a former competition gymnast and devoted dancer so is incredibly flexible. She also has what many of her past coaches have described as ‘a wonderfully natural sense of rhythm.’ It’s one of the reasons why she was the most sought-after pole dancer in the last club that she worked in. The other was her deliciously wicked smile while she swung. A fabulously flexible girl – both physically and mentally Today though things are different in the sense that Roberta has decided to hone her very considerable talents to escort work instead. And we are just delighted that it was our team here at Boss London Escorts that she chose to work with. In terms of physical appearance, Roberta is rivetingly lovely. Her smooth, long black hair, big brown eyes and high cheek bones certainly give her a European appearance. You could also tell from her beautifully brown tanned skin that she grew up in a warm part of the continent. Don’t worry about having to speak Pigeon English with her though; Roberta speaks fluent English with a saucy accent: all the better to get turned on by (although we don’t think you’ll have a problem in that direction AT ALL). By far the best way to meet up with Roberta is to invite her over to your place or a neutral venue such as a hotel room, bar, restaurant or night club etc. She won’t be difficult to spot if it’s your first meeting because she is more than likely to be the most gorgeous girl in the room at the time. This means that if you’re trying to keep a low-profile forget it since most men’s heads will be turned towards her, and you by association.
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