London Escorts reviews

Ayline review by Nigel

Ayline Natural beauty and was down to earth really nice girl

Maya review by Robert

Maya Love a bird with a few tattoos

Daria review by Nikolai

Daria Seksualna dziewczyna

Hadas review by Glen

Hadas Love that girl next door look. Sexxxy babe

Michele review by Jim

Michele MILF!!!!!!!

Maya review by jack

Maya Beautiful girl who provided a truely outstanding experience and service, highly recommend and will definitely be visiting again

Paola review by Ryan

Paola Dont know how i last the full hour jeez she has energy

Crissy review by Nicho

Crissy Fiery red head with a ghetto booty and big boobs AMAZING

Ayline review by Les Owens

Ayline Had an incall booking. Her apartment is lovely and clean and i was made to feel at home instantly. The kissing was a nice start to the date and the sex was next level, i struggled to last the whole ho...

Amy review by Alex

Amy Olivia is a stunning lady, had a great evening with her.

Maya review by Anthony Barker

Maya Those tattoos had me weak at the knees. Best escort ive ever spent an hour with. Love that rocker chick look, it drived me crazy

Delia review by Steven Wardle

Delia Crystal has the best breasts ive ever played with. They were massive. Her curves were in all the right places and i cant get her off my mind. Please payday hurry up because i need to see Crystal again...

Nicole review by Micheal

Nicole A charming and cheeky young girl who certainly knows how to satisfy my needs. This is my second time with Nicole and i was made to feel wanted as she remembered our past meeting. We had a nice chat an...

Miriam review by Gerard Donaldson

Miriam Wow, Oh Wow. If i could rate Miriam a 20 out of 10 for attractiveness i would. A little blonde bombshell, i couldnt take my hands off her perfect boobs. I dont understand how some girls are £600...

Melu review by Sally

Melu Ive been experimenting with my partner in the bedroom for a while now and i decided to add a 3rd party to the fun. Darcy was a classy young lady who knew how to take care of both me and my partner. We...

Roberta review by DJ

Roberta Had a real good time in that double bed with this little freak

Paola review by David Renolds

Paola I have never rated 2 10s for a meeting simply because nothing is absolutely perfect. But let me tell you, the 2 hours i spent with Paola was the closest thing to perfect Ive experienced and ive had my...

Paola review by Terry Peters

Paola I need a little more Spanish in my life. Ariana is absolutely stunning and the little ball of flame took care of all my needs. Gutted i only had her for an hour

Daria review by Ryan

Daria A tiny bundle of joy. She bought more excitement to my life in the hour i was with her than ive had the last few years. Her energy is infectious and i left with a massive smile on my face

Jade review by James

Jade Stunning lady, had a great time with no regrets!

Paola review by Brandon

Paola This girl is hot! Paola has a figure I can only dream about. She is flirtatious, fun and sexy. I will be back soon!

Melanie review by King Dom

Melanie Im a big fan of being dominated and when i called up Boss they immediately recommended Melanie. All i have to say is she is fantastic the perfect example of what a true mistress should be. Look fo...

Channel review by Brian

Channel A playful little vixen which I could barely keep up with the entire evening. She really know how to take a of a gentleman.

Jessica review by Peter

Jessica I got completely lost into her green-filled eyes... So mesmerising. There was no rush at all. See you soon, Jess!

Lexi review by Bert

Lexi Lexi is a mystery you want to unravel. The way she walks and the way she talks always has you mesmerized. So sexy and elegant!

Paola review by Jason

Paola This girl is so much fun and full of life. I could barely keep up but we made it through an amazing night.

Jessica review by Gaz

Jessica alright nite enjoyed myself

Flory review by Joe

Flory Hot babe would definitely recommend

Paola review by Tim

Paola She is unbelievably hot! All you can do is stare as she walks towards you so elegantly and confidently.

Jessica review by Tariq

Jessica Jessica is a lovely girl, very kind and caring. I felt nervous at first but she made sure I relaxed. Loved the date!

Lexi review by Charlie

Lexi Gorgeous Girl top notch night

Jessica review by Derrick

Jessica Never would I have guessed that she is 19. She is highly mature and intelligent, and a great to match. I enjoyed our night very much!

Lexi review by Alex

Lexi This girl is a true italian beauty that brought romance to my evening, i look forward to seeing Lexi again soon.

Paola review by Luke

Paola I made the right chose with Paola. A woman who is sexy and knows what she wants, and is also sweet and charming. She is fantastic!

Paola review by Yuri

Paola She makes you feel very comfortable, relaxed. I had a lot of fun on our date and enjoyed every minute of it.

Ayline review by Owan

Ayline This girl is wild! She took great care of me, I had so much fun!

Michele review by Alan

Michele Michele is everything you look for in a woman, just amazing! I loved our date!

Paulina review by Tony

Paulina A beautiful girl, and very sexy. She is very nice and charming. Very good service!

Daria review by RJ

Daria Sexy and sleek. She is elegant and charming, no wonder I keep coming back for more.

Michele review by Greg

Michele She is pure excitement! I need to see you again soon!

Lora review by Jake

Lora So so sexy! She is both beauty and brains. Such a lovely girl!

Ayline review by Jerry

Ayline Went to her place for a few drinks. She is a well-groomed young lady and made me feel at home. Will definitely see her again!

Amy review by Tom

Amy A goddess is what she is. Just stunning! Great service!

Maya review by Aaron

Maya A night I will never forget. She is naughty and fun in the best way!

Paulina review by Danny

Paulina Went to her place for a few drinks, I had so much fun! Need to do it again soon!

Crissy review by Andy

Crissy So elegant and sexy! She is amazing! I had so much fun!

Ayline review by Tim

Ayline Ayline is perfect in every way. She knows how to have fun!

Flory review by Trevor

Flory She has a crazy hot body! She is smart, sexy and fun. I enjoyed our date and hope to meet again soon.

Daria review by Ricky

Daria She is gentle and sweet. An amazing girl with a beautiful smile!

Michele review by Daniel

Michele She is perfection! I can not stop thinking about her!

Amy review by Eric

Amy A very sweet girl with a cute accent. I had a great time, hope to do it again!

Kate review by Darron

Kate She is gorgeous! And incredibly kind and sweet! I loved it!

Delia review by Mike

Delia She is drop-dead gorgeous! An unforgettable girl and an unforgettable night!

Maya review by William

Maya Such an amazing woman! I had such a great time, hope to see you soon! Great service!

Vanesa review by Chris

Vanesa What a party girl! I had a blast! Need to do it again soon!

Lora review by Darius

Lora What an intriguing young lady... The way she walks, the way she talks, just mesmerising! Hope to see you soon, Lora!

Paulina review by Yen

Paulina She is out of this world! I went to her place, this time, it was amazing!

Delia review by Frank

Delia She is stunning! The is no way I can forget Crystal! I will see you soon!

Daria review by Bob

Daria She had me so relaxed. Nothing was rushed, she made me feel very comfortable. I will see you again soon, Daria!

Amy review by James

Amy Amy is so hot! She is also kind and charming, good service.

Daria review by Steve

Daria Sweet and sexy, she definitely is! She is a special girl with a special touch.

Vanesa review by Ken

Vanesa I had so much fun on our date. Vanesa is a smart, sexy and funny girl. She is lovely, very sweet!

Paulina review by Nate

Paulina She is gorgeous! Had so much fun! Great service!

Kate review by Kumar

Kate She knows how to take care of a man! Top service!

Delia review by Remi

Delia Never knew a woman like this existed... She always has me coming back for more!

Adine review by Henry

Adine Incall booking. A beautiful apartment and an even more beautiful woman. A night I will never forget!

Vanesa review by Jim

Vanesa She is very confident, it makes her so sexy. I had an amazing time. Great service!

Maya review by Brian

Maya incredible level of attentiveness and service, i truly had an outstanding evening with this beautiful vixen.

Kate review by Vik

Kate She made my time in London a lot more fun. Kate is like no other!

Crissy review by George

Crissy Crissy is a special woman. She treated me very well!

Lora review by Ryan

Lora She is an unbelievable young woman! Will see you soon!

Jesi review by Ali

Jesi She is like no other! She had me begging for more! Need to see you again!

Crissy review by Omar

Crissy She is a goddess! I enjoyed every second! Excellent service!

Amy review by Donny

Amy Very smart and sexy. She is charming, helped me calm down. Top service!

Lora review by CJ

Lora So elegant and sexy... I loved our date! Excellent service!

Jesi review by Freddy

Jesi London is much better with Jesi! She is petite and packed with energy! I had an unforgettable time!

Vanesa review by Johnny

Vanesa The most stunning woman I have ever seen! She is also very intelligent and funny!

Jesi review by Eran

Jesi This girl is just wow! She is so sexy and so amazing, excellent service!

Amy review by TJ

Amy She is a gorgeous blonde. Super cute and sweet! Great service!

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